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Where to live?
Options for your stay during the festival:Ivano-Frankivsk: hotels and private apartments.Ananyev: hotels and private apartments.The village of Podgorye.Nadvornaya. Guta.Tent camp at the festival!Tent camp:Every camper must have a festival ticket.Living in the tent camp costs 200 UAH per person for the whole festival duration.You can bring the following items: food, water, brazier, tent, personal belongings, bicycles. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.Campers will be provided with:Charging stations (on the whole festival territory).Firewood in the barbecue area (for additional price).
Can children enter for free?
Yes, children up to 6 years old accompanied by an adult are free of charge.Children will need to have a birth certificate at hand.
Currently, the event has been postponed due to the force majeure circumstances. Tickets are refunded in case of the festiwal cancellation, thus we do not refund the tickets as the Organizer, but you have the right to contact the ticket operator and find o
According to the Organizer's rules - the ticket, that you have bought, cannot be returned by the Organizer in case the event is postponed. You have accepted these rules when bought the ticket.
Is it necessary to change the tickets due to the expired date on them?
No. All the tickets purchased for the Festival 2020 remain relevant and will be valid at the time of the Festival.
Will there be the same artists?
At the moment the Organizers are working on the full preservation of this lineup, as well as on the preparation of few more loud announcements. All the updates will immediately appear on the official pages of the festival.IG:
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