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UnderHill music festival — European musical festival

Underhill music festival is an international music festival in the heart of Europe.

UnderHill Festival combines various trends of modern electronic and pop music, artists from both Ukraine and Europe. In the village of Podgorie in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, in the beginning of summer you will be able to enjoy the day-n-night music drive. On June 26-29, in the non-stop mode, there will be 3 scenes: UnderDay, UnderNight and UnderGround.

This year the festival will delight with new interesting surprises! Among the nice bonuses – the opportunity to get to the festival for free. The one who dare to enter the festival from the sky will be able to stay on this large musical party!

Ears and eyes will be pleased by such domestic performers as: Monatik, NK and others. Rhythms of modern, in particular, electronic music on stage will be set famous European artist Dutch music producer Ferry Corsten. And that’s all – LIVE!

In order for everyone to fit, 3 great dance floors will be arranged. In addition, throughout the territory there will be a lounge area where you can relax in comfortable armchairs and enjoy delicious food! Art zones with paintings by famous artists and architectural creations will be created, and movie lovers will be able to join cinema shows. You also have an unforgettable air-show, night 3D mapping, pyrotechnic show, airplane flights, a unique parachute show!

UnderHill music festival is an event that will amaze and excite you, an event that combines music from several countries, an event that will be good start of your summer! Here day and night becomes one. This is a place where you dance day and night!



Questions and Answers



• Festival Date and Location



Festival Date: June 26-29

Location: Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivska Oblast, Urochische Pidhirya Airfield

GEOTAG:  48.788337, 24.479155 

Festival Hours: Start – 3 pm on June 26 and up until 7 am on June 29.

Gates open from 12 am.  



 • Getting to Underhill European Music Festival.


Complimentary regular Shuttle-buses will depart from Ivano-Frankivsk central railway station. Their operation time is equal to Festival Hours and scheduled every half an hour in the daytime and every hour at the night.

Besides those, there will be public minibus taxies with “Sponsors” stickers.

You can find multiple taxi services in Ivano-Frankivsk.



• How can I get to the Festival from other cities?


Underhill Festival provides transfer from from Ivano-Frankivsk central railway station only. No regular services will be provided from any other location.

You have to come by train, bus or catch a ride to Ivano-Frnakivsk, and then we’ll catch you up.


Please, find a list of the taxi services available in Ivano-Frankivsk:


TAXI: Halychyna

call +38 (0342) 58-41-20  +38 (050) 661-85-26 


TAXI : Drive

call +38 (0342) 54-23-02 +38 (067) 342-60-07


TAXI : Leder

call  +38 (067) 344-46-40 +38 (067) 944-04-82


TAXI : Mercedes

call +38 (0342) 71-70-51 +38 (067) 7-600-500


TAXI : Minivan

call +38 (067) 340-34-41 +38 (095) 130-30-29


TAXI : Optymalne

call +38 (0342) 59-11-11 +38 (096) 233-11-11


TAXI : Fortuna

call +38 (067) 252-85-34 +38 (068) 144-56-31


TAXI : Champion

call +38 (067) 977-10-10 +38 (050) 540-42-12


TAXI : Econom

call  +38 (050) 672-35-28 +38 (096) 331-27-31



• Accomodation during Festival dates.


You can choose an option (short range distances to Festival area): 


Hotels and private apartments in Ivano-Frankivsk are available in a wide range. 

Hotels and private apartments in Bohorogchany urban village.

Pidhirya village – private apartments / houses.

Nadvirna village  – private apartments / houses.

Guta village  – private apartments / houses.

Our Campgrounds at the Festival! Meet our great infrastructure! 



• Tickets valid time.


Daily ticket for June 26 is valid from 12:00 pm untill 7:00 am on June 27.

Daily ticket for June 27 is valid from 12:00 pm of June 27 untill 7:00 am on June 28.



• Underhill Camping information.


The Campgrounds open at 2:00 pm on June 25.

Campgrounds closes at  2:00 pm on June 29.

Camping price is per-person.


The following things are permitted at the Campgrounds:

Food, water, small grill, tent, your personal belongings, bike.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited at the Festival Campgrounds.


We will provide you with:

Phone charging stations at the Festival area.

Firewoods at the Campground’s barbeque area (available for sale). 



• Hot Baloon Trip.


Balloon ascension for 10-15 meters high and return back is 250 UAH.

Cost of a flight in a plane is not known by now.



•       Underhill Food.


56 best catering companies were choosen to surprise you with delicious and exquisite food and drinks in a stunning mixture with affordable prices. Operation time for most of them is daytime only, but at the night, you will still have a variety of choices to please your taste. 

A breakfast wil be provided for the Campgrounds residents starting at 9:00 am untill 11:00 am on June 26.



• Are children permitted at the Festival?


Children are permitted at the Festival.

Tickets are required for admittance to the Festival, for all adults and each minor over the age of 12. 


Minors 12 and under may attend the Festival free of charge with proper Birth Certificate on hands.



Festival Campground accomodation prices and tent-for-rent availability. 


The cost for one person is 100 UAH per person.


• Your personal cooking allowance at the Festival. (includes any meals, grill or barbecue).


You will be  allowed cook meals or make barbecue only within the territory of the Capgrounds, in a specially designated barbecue area.


In and out of Festival Area.

 You may leave and return at any time during the day. A multi-entry system is arranged at the Festival. This includes a security checkpoint. 



• If I have a one-day ticket, will I be able to buy a ticket for the second day on-site?


Yes, you will. You’ll be able to buy tickets of any category on-site, including Campgrounds.



• Luggage room at the Festival


Sorry, we don’t have any luggage rooms at the Festival Area.



• Accessible toliets.  


We will provide a special accessible toilets for persons with disabilities.

 Electric vehicle charger. 

There is a charger for your vehicle on a Festival Area. 



• Flights arrivals and departures.

Please consult the Flight Operations Officer regarding flight routes, arrivals and departures:


+380978975754, zpm.pidgiria@gmail.com 



• Activities at the Camgrpond on Sunday morning


There will be morning fitness course and a breakfast arranged for the Campgrounds residents on June 16 in the morning.



• Campground tickets validness.


Your Campground ticket is valid with two-days Festival ticket only. There are no age restrictions, however, children under 18 should be accompanies by adults.



• Student discounts should be proven by a student ID card or it’s photocopy, if there is a suspicion about you not being a student. In case there is a fraud, your ticket will be cancelled.



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